Thursday, April 26, 2007

What kind of fuckery is this?

Ooooo, the nasty-ass visa persons strike again. For GOD'S sake, what harm is the Freaky Dancer from the Mondays going to do? Have a maraca fly out of his hand and bean someone? Oh, but we're SAFER now. Whatevs.


Bez has been barred entry to America and will not be allowed to play with Happy Mondays in California this weekend, it has been announced.

The famed dancer with the Madchester icons was scheduled to appear at the Coachella Festival on Sunday but has not been granted a visa.

I did find this hilarious, though-

The band released a statement today, commenting: "Due to tightening immigration and working visa legislation, Bez was not, unfortunately, able to secure a visa to perform at Coachella this weekend.

"Happy Mondays apologies to all their US fans that they will not, on this occasion, be able to enjoy the spectacle of Bez shaking his stuff for them at Coachella."

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