Friday, May 18, 2007


No, not the Keef song from 'Exile On Main Street.'

I'm referring to my state of mind, since I get to work with my two favorite girls tomorrow-

Jen, my cheerleading buddy (former- I can't still do the Russian split jump, much to my disappointment, as I feel this would be a major plus when potentially wooing Brit rock stars)

and Hilly, the world's coolest teenager

So, to celebrate the occasion, I'm ripping them Cd's from my iTunes.

For Jen- Amy Winehouse, 'Back To Black' and Girls Aloud, 'The Sound of Girls Aloud'

For Hilly- The Fratellis, 'Costello Music' and The View, ' Hats Off To the Buskers'

YAY! Hopefully a minimum of stupid people will come into the shop tomorrow. Unlike today.

1 comment:

Kazza said...

Ooh you could get so giddy from the flower fumes and the Brit music! Have fun!