Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oh dear

My darling Thomas,

This is a nice picture.

I am very appreciative that your jeans could not be tighter, and I adore that sweater.

It shows your lovely wee tummy.

However, we must talk about your taste in eye wear.

It's crap, love.

This is at least the third pair of hideous shades I've seen you wear.
You must consult Our Kid and Big Brother regarding this, ASAP. They can help, as their sunnies are usually drop-dead cool.

With much love and many impure thoughts,


PS- heard you, Sergio and the Other Fuckers, er, Chris and Ian, had a
knockout performance today.

Well done!

PSS- I also hear there's a total slag named
Kazza that thinks you're sex on a stick, and she has a bit of a thing for rock stars playing football, especially Mr. Pizzorno.

I'd steer clear of her if I were you. She's bad news....


Kazza said...

That's probably a fair warning, especially given Serge's poor taste in shirts yesterday.

The Captain's looking so good I may just go all Tanya Turner on your asses.

Fat Albert said...

Hey CYGIRL, thanks for the comment. Glad we share a positive appraisal of the View, and from what I'm reading on your profile and in your blog entries, we've probably got a number of other interests/likes in common too. Keep the dream alive.

Cygirl said...

If you get all Tanya Turner, I'm going to get all Nurse Hazel right back! ;)Mine. MINE.

I sound like I'm a fucking 2 year-old.

Thanks! The View are just so good....