Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Words I never thought

would come out of Mr. James Walcott's mouth.

I love Kylie Minogue.

This just makes me love him more. And this is hilarious-

Kylie was lunching at the Waverly Inn and no one alerted me. Had the batphone silently lit up, I would have zoomed downtown and loitered at the bar until I was able to fall at her shoes in a gallant swoon and say hi.

On my one visit to Waverly Inn, our posse was sandwiched between Ron Perelman and company were at one table, Rupert Murdoch and crew at another.

Stereo supermoguls: very nice. I might have popped by their tables to introduce myself if it hadn't been for the leg clamps. Just being in the vibrating vicinity of those two tycoons was invigoratingly buzzy.

But, I'm sorry, compared to Kylie they are but shadows in the forest and she the angelic sunlight breaking through the leafy canopy.

Nice to know that a writer that I idolize is a big honking fan boy, too.

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