Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh, Big Brother

While Captain, My Captain, Sweet, Sweet Carlito and my Barely Legal Bit Of Stuff may consume a lot of my attention, Noel Thomas David Gallagher is my original "boyfriend," and this is why-

The Oasis rocker has blasted James Blunt, saying he wants to see his
head on a plate! Grumpy Noel launched his attack after being handed a birthday present on the latest edition of the Soccer AM
TV show.

As he tore off the pressie's wrapping, Noel said:
"It's not James Blunt's head is it? I hope it is."

Much to the star's disappointment, the gift turned out to be a Manchester City FC jacket.

And, as always, Soccer AM is an endless source of amusement for we Yank Anglophiles.


Kazza said...

Noel is the best.

Just read some post about Our King driving 4 hours from Preston to London to go out on a drinking session with him.

I'd drive 4 days to witness that!

Cygirl said...

Sergio all drunk and disheveled. With Big Brother, all drunk and disheveled.

*fans self*

Take away Noel and it still works.

Kazza said...

Yeah next to Serge, he's just a garnish!