Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Convos I should not have with my mother

Me- "Guess what I bought at Target today?"

Mom- "What? Ann Coulter's book? Ha ha!"

Me- "No, the new Mark Ronson album."

Mom- "Ooooh, yay! We can listen to it at work tomorrow!"

My life is somewhat bizarre.....


Kazza said...

HA! The only time my mom and I bonded on music was when she gave me the advice that I HAD to see Willie Nelson.

Generally her reaction to my music has been "Who is that tool?"

heh heh tool

Damn you I blame you for this woman who sends me photos of Leicester lads in royal colors.

Cygirl said...

Your mom says "tool." Awesome.

Purple shirt. Purple shirt. Purple shirt. Purple shirt.

Kazza said...

You had to write tool and purple shirt in the same entry didn't you?

Cygirl said...

I'm fucking with you, Kaz.

No, seriously, that was completely by accident. For reals.