Friday, July 13, 2007

Please, God

I've been trying to be a very good girl, so I would very much appreciate you facilitating this reunion, and making it not suck. Please also help me get over my guilty, shameful feelings about liking Blur now, despite being an Oasis fan.


Blur drummer Dave Rowntree has hinted that the band, including previously absent guitarist Graham Coxon, are to record together in September.Rumours have been ciculating for a while that the original members of the group are to unite to work on their first record together since 1999's '13'. Coxon was sacked in 2002, and the rest of the band put out one record without him, 2003's 'Think Tank'.

Rowntree told NME: "There is a week in the diary in September. But it's a very small thing - it could either be a seed or a full-stop."It is understood that the sticksman was referring to a week of studio time the band have booked as a four-piece, including Coxon. "I'm up for having a jam," the guitarist had said to bassist
Alex James, as James revealed in his recent book, 'A Bit Of A Blur'.


Kazza said...

The Captain's gonna make you walk the plank, missy and then I'LL be his new favorite Ship's Concubine!

Oh wait, can't be so obvious...

So hmm, yes let's see, what other Blur things can I get for you? You know, as your friend, I only want to help!

Mrs. Pizzorno

Cygirl said...

Hmm, I sense an ulterior motive here.....

Assist in dragging me further into my obsession with My Lovely and Delightfully Geeky Graham, and you get Captain Meighan and King Sergio.

Greedy bitch.....


Kazza said...

Was I that obvious? DAMN!


Cygirl said...

And I love him, too. I'm just a bit distracted right now. By guitar boys who wear glasses.