Friday, October 12, 2007

AmEx Agyness

makes an appearance in Rolling Stone.

you probably first recognized her cropped platinum coif, but it's the sexy rock-chick slouch and effortless personal style that have some folks calling Manchester-born model Agyness Deyn "the next Kate Moss." The Catholic schoolgirl, née Agnes Hollins, cut off all her hair at ten, dyed it pink at fifteen and later sported a blond mohawk.
Discovered while shopping in London two years ago, Deyn, 21, has done ads for Galliano, Armani and Burberry, and quickly became a photographers' darling thanks to her distinctly un-Moss-y joie de vivre.
Deyn, who concocted her name out of two family names, spelled with a numerology twist, found fashion through rock & roll rather than the other way around. She started frequenting Manchester's hipster emporium Afflecks Palace after her older brother, Greg, introduced her to Brit pop. ("I had Oasis pictures all over my bedroom walls," she says. "But I also luuurved Take That.")
Her on-again/off-again musician boyfriend, Josh Hubbard of the Paddingtons, has been teaching her guitar via video chat, and she's started a not-quite-gig-ready band called Lucky Knitwear. Deyn's still refreshingly unaffected by her rising celebrity: "You've just got to take it for what it is. In life, you're going to run into some cunts, aren't ya?"


Kazza said...

She is too cool.

Cygirl said...

Yes she is...

I still maintain she's trolling for a Dirty Pretty Thing.