Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What I should have done vs. what I did

Since I am taking my GREs next week, I stayed home today to study.

Instead, I-

1. Listened to
Girls Aloud's new single on YouTube
2. Iced my hip (I slipped in the shower last night and bruised the fuck out of myself)
3. Freaked out about the test
4. Emailed Kaz and QB lots about various v.v.v. important Drew McConnell, Editors and Biffy Clyro-related subjects
5. Flipped out some more
6. Cooked dinner
7. Drank cheap white wine while spazzing about my GRE's
Got grossed out
9. Had a mild panic attack regarding the test

Note that no actual studying took place. Please Jesus or whomever, let my streak of acing tests continue.


Kazza said...

Lo siento.

Wow so with #2 you almost pulled a Drew Arsebreaker!

Cygirl said...

My hip Sergiously has a bruise the size of Thomas's hand on it. Or Drew's.

I am a fucking klutz.

Kazza said...

Please you should've seen the bruise on my leg from falling on it in footy because I suck at goalie and can't dive. I know all about Klutzdom.

Kazza said...



Cygirl said...

Thomas. I need a bit of cuddly. Help a bitch out.