Thursday, October 11, 2007

Random ten


1. The Angry Mob- Kaiser Chiefs
2. Orange Crush- Editors
3. Boys Will Be Boys- Goldfrapp
4. UnBilo Titled- Babyshambles

5. Sick Again- Led Zeppelin
6.The Drugs Don't Work- The Verve
7. Proud Mary- CCR
8. Everybody's Happy Nowadays- Buzzcocks
9. Shake A Fist- Hot Chip
10. The Big Guns- Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins

11. Rock N' Roll High School- The Ramones
12. Saturday Superhouse- Biffy Clyro


Kazza said...

And voila you managed to link my Riff Randall fantasy with Simon Alexander Neil.

Well done!

Cygirl said...

Good Lord, you found out his middle name.

You've gone round the bend, my friend!