Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Not a good sign

I've watched the 'Medley' bit from Girls Aloud's "Live From Wembley" DVD so many times, I know the choreography.

This. Is not good.

and on a GA-related note, this is case-in-point why I adore Sarah.

I used to wake up my mum by playing Manic Monday by the Bangles when I was seven, but the first song I heard that made me think "Wahey! Music is fab!" was Don't Look Back in Anger when I was 11. I remember going to Glastonbury in a Volkswagen hippie van and having it large.


As much as I loved Blur because of Damon Albarn - I had pictures of him all over my diary at school - musically, I preferred Oasis. I've met Noel and Liam, we had a good old chat at the Met Bar, and they're lovely guys. I didn't tell them how much they meant to me. But they know I'm a massive fan. Mind you, when I met Liam I felt like a right twat, because they were going on tour and I said: "Wicked, are you going to do some of the old stuff?" He was probably thinking: "Fuck you."

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40 Forever said...

I wanna be an aloud girl! Wicked.