Monday, November 12, 2007


A complicated relationship we've had, we two. The thing is, we're so opposite in personality- she's so reserved, and I'm definitely not; she's so type A, and again, I'm definitely not.

I was always more academic, though she got the better grades. (I am a hopeless slackass) She was the record-setting athlete, but I excelled in speech, writing and drama.

She found her partner her sophomore year of high school, and married him at 21. And I still haven't found what I'm looking for (Jesus, did I just quote U2? I must be upset) at an age a teensy bit above 21.

We drifted apart after I moved back to Iowa from Texas (as to avoid a complete psychotic break). In fact, we really didn't speak throughout her pregnancy, as we're both damnably stubborn, and hold grudges.

When her daughter was born, I had no plans to go see her, but she (not the baby) called me, and begged me to come up. It's not been all sunshine and roses since then, but we've become very close.

So it breaks my fucking heart to hear the news tonight that her second pregnancy- girlfriend gets knocked up so damned quickly- is in the process of ending at six weeks. Things are so different, this time around. I can't stop crying.

Plans that were made- shot to hell. You just never know, do you? Life can turn on a dime.