Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh HELL YES (part 2)

Girl Power was back with a bang in the UK this weekend as Posh, Sporty, Baby, Scary and Ginger spiced up the lives of fans in London - and performed together in the UK for the first time in almost a decade.

A star-studded audience, including celeb chef Gordon Ramsay, Peaches Geldof, singer Will Young and Roberto Cavalli - who designed the girls' costumes for the tour - saw Geri Halliwell wow the 20,000-strong crowd in a replica of the iconic Union flag dress she donned for the 1997 Brit Awards.

And Emma Bunton, who suffered a sprained ankle during the fivesome's Las Vegas gig and has been receiving treatment from David Beckham's doctor, soldiered on wearing an ankle support for the show - though she had to pull out of some of the more demanding dance routines.

The London gig has been dubbed the girls' raunchiest to date. However, earlier on in the week it was strictly a family affair for the Beckham family, as Victoria was joined by her footie-ace husband and three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz for a festive spin on the ice-rink at Hyde Park.


Kazza said...

It's unfortunate that they are unlikely to explode onstage because I would pay to see that.

Maybe I can hire Simon throw some microphones at them.

Kazza said...
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heatherrr__eloise said...

I cannot believe the Spice Girls actually decided to start touring again.

Who told them it was a good idea?

Cygirl said...

Um. I would have gone. It would be fun. Stupid fun.

Of course, I would sacrifice a non-essential organ to see Girls Aloud in concert, so you must consider the source.