Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wow. WOW.

Sweet Jesus, I'm not sure which is the bigger moron.

A- The dude that got "Hot Rod" tattooed on his penis ON A BET


B- THE Chief Resident of General Surgery AT MAYO CLINIC that took a picture of it while inserting a catheter

PHOENIX -- A surgeon faces a disciplinary hearing for snapping a photo of a patient's tattooed genitals during an operation and showing the photo around to other doctors.

Mayo Clinic Hospital administrators said Dr. Adam Hansen, chief resident of general surgery, admitted taking the photo with his cell phone on Dec. 11. The tattoo on strip club owner Sean Dubowik's penis reads: "Hot Rod." (my emphasis)

Dubowik, who had undergone a gallbladder operation, said he learned of the photo Monday when the Mayo Clinic called.

This part slayed me.

Dubowik said he got the tattoo on a bet and that "it was the most horrible thing I ever went through in my life."

You don't say. Who would ever think that getting a tattoo ON YOUR PENIS would hurt? I would have NEVER guessed that.


simon probably did the same thing said...

HA HA HA HA oh that's funny.

Hmmm who would EVER do a thing like that?

Dear God I Hope Not said...

A Moron. Capitalization intended.