Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let me get this straight

a- the fact that Amy's personal life is a trainwreck of epic proportions completely negates any artistic achivements she may make.
b- it was acceptable for Ms. Cole to take drugs on the sly, whereas Ms. Winehouse's (albeit somewhat unintentional) openness about her substance use makes her bad, bad, bad.

Hmmmm..... methinks someone is trying to jumpstart their career by kicking someone when they're down. Shut the fuck up, Natalie. Go sing another duet with your dad. That worked out well for you last time.

Singer Natalie Cole has slammed the decision to award Amy Winehouse with five Grammy Awards, claiming that it is rewarding her bad behaviour. Cole, a Grammy Award winner herself who admitted to using the drugs LSD, heroin and cocaine in her 2000 autobiography, said that Winehouse did not deserve the honours.“I don't think she should have won,” Cole, the daughter of legendary singer Nat King Cole, told People magazine. “It sends a bad message to young people trying to get into this business, trying to do it right and keep themselves together.


Eddie said...

You are so right about Natalie! Plus, as the NYTimes pointed out today, Feb. 17, why is it all the chix who get dogged for substance abuse? There are plenty of dudes face down in their own puke, but there's a "boys will be boys" attitude, and no one's dissin' them in print. Btw, we love yr blog!

Cygirl said...

Double standard crap pisses me off.

And, thanks!