Sunday, March 30, 2008

My day


Yesterday, I was feeling like total crap, so took NyQuil and went to bed early, despite the fact that I desperately wanted to hear how
Kazza's roller derby debut went.

Anyway, woke up this AM when Mom asked me if I'd take her to the emergency room in Iowa City. Our local ER is complete shit, so it's "stop the bleeding and go to University Hospitals."

She's been having some issues with her eyes hurting and being droopy, and it's gotten a lot worse in the past week. So, I drove our happy asses up there, they ran some tests, wound up admitting her, and now I'm freaking out. And it's all about me. Ha ha ha.

My maternal grandmother died from complications of A.L.S., and that's one of the things they have to test her for. I know it's a statistical abnormality that Grandma got it in the first place (women usually don't, and she got it in her late 70's), but I'm still freaking out.

Mom made me go back home, but I had to run to Barnes and Noble and buy her some trashy romance novels first. Priorities...

So, I'm off to do my usual hysterical displacement activity. Watch crap on YouTube.

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