Monday, March 31, 2008

They're already entirely too adorable,

but this little anecdote makes me love Alexa and Young Master Turner as a couple even more...

What other stories have irked her? "There was a really upsetting one when Alex had written me a Valentine card and I had accidentally left it in a bar. And someone sold it to the Sun and then they printed it, and they changed it so it didn't look like a Valentine card, and they just said it was a love letter. They slated him for being really soppy.

"Look, it's my boyfriend and it's Alex. Of course it's gonna be written like a story."

Was he peeved? "He was really cool with it," she says, "and he said, 'I'm not upset that everyone saw it because that's the truth and I couldn't give a shit.' And then he went [Chung dons a comedy northern accent], 'Eh, but at least you've got a copy of it now, eh?'"

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