Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At times like these,

I think, "Gee, wouldn't it be nice if the majority of the Iowa National Guard was in, you know, IOWA, instead of fucking Iraq?

Washburn, near Waterloo, evacuated after levee breaks

Columbus Junction residents wait, and worry

Flooding Cedar River damages hundreds of homes Charles City

Officials: Flood of 2008 to be worse than Flood of '93

Also, we've just gotten the news that Highway 61 will be closed north of Wapello as of tomorrow night. River is too high- can't guarantee the bridge will hold.

Annnnd, I just got off the phone with my dad. They're evacuating the Iowa/Mississippi river bottoms. He and my uncles are helping some elderly friends move to higher ground.

This is the problem they're dealing with- between Hwy. 99 and the Iowa River in Louisa County, and Hwy. 99 and the Mississippi River in Des Moines county- the land between is all reclaimed from the river some 100 years ago (the rivers join up at New Boston).

Yes, how Dutch of my forefathers. The farming ground is incredibly fertile, but really, really, really farcking vulnerable to flooding.

Again, when it flooded so badly in 1993, the National Guard was down on the bottoms, sandbagging. But not now. We're on our own.

Isn't this a lovely little war?

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