Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'd like to write

something profound and touching about spending 6 hours sandbagging in Oakville today, only to get home and find out that the levee had been breached.

I'd like to, but my hands and wrists hurt so damned badly, I can't.

Tomorrow, then...

A levee along the Iowa River has broken, flooding the small town of Oakville in southeast Iowa.State emergency operations spokeswoman Tamie Krausman says the levee broke about 4:10 p.m. Thursday. The town of about 400 people was being evacuated. Krausman said no injuries were reported.

Authorities have ordered residents who live on the river side of Highway 99 from their homes in both Louisa and Des Moinescounties. National Guard troops have been summoned for security.

****The river stage at 5 p.m. in Columbus Junction was 31.9 feet. A crest just over 35 feet is expected Monday. In Wapello, the river was at 32.5 feet. A crest of 36.1 feet is expected Monday.Heavy rain was falling this afternoon, though, upriver over Cedar Rapids and Waterloo.

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