Sunday, August 10, 2008


Every year at the Iowa State Fair, there is a butter sculpture of something culturally significant, such as the butter Last Supper, Harry Potter (my fav-drove the fundies crazy) and Elvis. Oh, and the traditional butter cow.

This year's edition? Butter Shawn Johnson, the wee dynamo from West Des Moines, currently kicking some ass and taking some names at the Olympics.

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, whose likeness is being cast in bronze for the Iowa Hall of Pride, will be sculpted in a more gooey medium in August at the Iowa State Fair.

Butter Shawn Johnson will share the spotlight with the butter cow in the Agriculture Building Aug. 7-17. Butter sculptor Sarah Pratt of West Des Moines plans to incorporate a balance beam into Johnson’s pose, and possibly an American flag.

Seriously, I really can't think of a higher honor in Iowa than to be (temporarily) immortalized in dairy at the state fair.


Kazza said...

Oh I love butter sculptures! I remember the Minnesota State Fair queens all memorialized like that. So friggin' crazy. I want a butter Benny. BA HA HA

Cygirl said...

It was so cute- they interviewed her on NBC, and she mentioned the Butter Shawn! Cutie.

I can think of no better medium to sculpt Benny in.