Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I don't know why I'm admitting this

but prompted by this post, I have to confess...

I like Journey.


I do. I can't help it. Child of the 80's and all that. Their songs make me happy, and is that really so wrong? IS IT? Shouldn't we grasp any happiness in this cruel, cruel world? SHOULDN'T WE?

Must go listen to some screamingly hip songs to compensate.

However, I must say- for the last time, J, Carlos Ashley Raphael does NOT look like Steve Perry.



queen bee said...

STEVE PERRY????????????

Cygirl said...

She's crazy

(just kidding, J. MWWWAAAAH)

In her defense, she did see a pic of Carlito where he may, MAY have sort of resembled a mullet-less Steve. Sort of.

Though without the obvious pocket-sized sex bomb thing that Carl has going on.

Did that make sense?