Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I'd be way more excited about this

if Thomas hadn't (apparently) adopted Meatloaf as a style icon.

Haircut, love. And a shave. Please, darling. You're hurting me.

New material sounds promising, though.

*high five*

There's a lot of singing at Kasabian gigs. Their songs - enormous chanted choruses with juddering rhythms - are often simple in construction but have managed to locate the secret nerve centre which makes human beings sing along while hurling a plastic beer glass in the air. While they've been away working on their third album, the band's sound has - if anything - got even bigger. Oldies like Shoot the Runner and Processed Beats now sound like Pizzorno's garden UXB has been grafted into the rhythm section.

And the new songs unveiled suggest this isn't about to change. Fire- which sounds like a glam rock Hokey Cokey and actually includes the line "shake it to the left" - is only seconds old when those hands shoot back up in the air. It's surely only a matter of time before the band start taking to the stage in tanks.

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