Monday, October 24, 2005

Ahoy, mateys! New Pirates II Info!

I adored the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. Adored. It. What's not to love? My girl, Keira, kicking some butt in a corset, Orlando, the prettiest man in the universe sword- fighting, and Johnny Depp, acting like a pirate version of Keith Richards? Nothing, I tell you, there is nothing not to love. Not to mention, the hottest kiss in the known universe at the end of the show. And, since I have a recurring dream that I'm stranded on a desert island with Mr. Depp, with lots of rum, the movie hit close to home. Okay, I'm lying about that part, but, damn, that would be a really great dream. Please listen, subconscious.

The next one comes out this coming summer. I am really stinking excited, in case you couldn't tell from the above paragraph.

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