Monday, October 24, 2005

God Love Liam Gallagher. I certainly do.

I love Kate Moss- as a fashion icon, she is without peer. But this quote from the delightfully mouthy Liam Gallagher, made me giggle like a 10 year- old girl after eating Pixi Stix and drinking a Mountain Dew.

"I don't care, man. I don't care about her, her f***ing drugs or her f***ing stupid mates. Same goes for f***ing Babyshambles. I don't want to fight them, I don't want their f***ing birds, I don't want to shoot their dogs, I don't want to stand on their hamster's head. I'm just not into their music."

(I do feel that I need to point out that Pete Doherty and Liam both have a kid by the same woman, and Pete is allegedly sporadic with his child support. Also, Pete's new band, Babyshambles, was supposed to open for Oasis at their concert at Southampton, and didn't show up. Because he allegedly had a fight with Kate. Nice way to get a new rock group off the ground, there, Pete. Do a no-show in front of 75,000 people. Hence the bitterness from Gallagher the Younger).


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