Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Examples of crackheaded-ness

Okay, cannot stop giggling. I love The Killers and everything, but there is no freakin' way that Brandon Flowers is hotter than Colin Firth. For the love of Pete (Doherty, who is apparently attractive to women who are not my girl, Kate, and who ranks in at #18. Actual crackhead here, people), it's Mr. Darcy!

But back to one of my previous points. The poor confused women of New Woman magazine actually think that Pete is hotter than Prince William. Borderline Sid Vicious v. actual freaking Prince. Ladies, I have yet to see a picture of our poor Mr. Doherty where he isn't sweating like it's July in Houston.

I need to lie down now. My head hurts, though I am strangely happy that Americans aren't the only morons on this earth.