Thursday, February 02, 2006

My friend, Jen, is not funny at all.

Was discussing the "100 Sexiest Men" list at work today, and happened to have an old issue of Q around. Rock snots take our issues to work, hear? So, I was showing my friend and co-worker, Jen, a picture of The Libs, and pointed out Carl. (She knows who Pete is. We live in Iowa, not Antarctica).

Jen then stated, "You're going to hate me." I said, like a flippin' moron, "why?" She then said that Carl resembles Steve Perry. From Journey.

After I finished rolling about laughing, I poured Chlorox into my eyes. Kidding. May I also point out that Jen's smart arse also told me of Prince William's ever-so-slightly thinning hair.

Jen= not funny. (Also kidding).

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