Friday, November 03, 2006

I don't care, I taste Ambre Solaire

Jackson Pollack's Number 5 just sold for $140 million. Sadly, this is the only piece from Pollack's catalog that I am familiar with.

Why? It's mentioned in a very innocent sounding, yet extremely dirty Stone Roses song, 'Going Down.' Strangely enough, the reason that I realized that the song was positively filthy was not the title. What was it? The bass line. Absolutely raunchy. Lovely.

Think I'm going to listen to it right now, and have Rose-y dreams. Errr, wait, that sounded bad. Stone Rose-y dreams. That's better. I think.

**Ambre Solaire may sound exotic to we Americans, but apparently, it's a cheap suntan lotion made by Garnier. Who knew?

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