Saturday, November 04, 2006

The start of something good

- to roughly paraphrase Rufus.

You know how sometimes you think, if I would happen to lose one of my senses, which would truly be the worst? I'd have to say, my sense of hearing. (As my vision is already shot to hell).
That being said, I truly love music.

So, I'm starting on writing a series on my favorite features of popular music. Dear God, I'm afraid I'm going to sound like either the most insane or most pretentious bitch on the face of the planet, but what the hell.....

I realize that quite a few of these performers may not be the 'best,' but they're my favorite, so bite me....wink;)

My absolute favorite guitar players and their work I love (in a very particular order)-

1. John Squire- The Stone Roses. Fluid, classical structure to his playing. Minimal, yet unbelieveably gorgeous runs and solos. No wanking here, friends.

-essential cuts- the last guitar run in 'This Is the One' off the Roses 1st album. Possibly the most perfect song in pop music. Ever. 'Made Of Stone.' Not far off from perfection. 'Sally Cinnamon,' the song that always brightens my day, if only from residual E vibes from the Roses in Madchester-era Manchester. Squire's guitar parts tend to remind me of a plane taking off. Kind of random, but there you are.

2. Keith Richards- Rolling Stones. He is the Human Riff. A fashion icon. A badass. Captain Jack Sparrow. Allegedly. Total prototype for the romantic working-class Brit guitar slinger.

-essential cuts- 'Brown Sugar' or 'Before They Make Me Run.' Or 'Happy.' My favorite Stones song, evah!

3. Jimmy Page- Led Zeppelin. He's fucking Pagey, man! On my study abroad experience at Iowa State, 'The History Of British Rock and Roll'- my last credits before graduation, God Bless the Cyclones, I got my picture taken in front of Jimmy's house in London (the one with all the stained glass windows). Fucking roll of film was ruined in transport, though. Story of my life.

-essential cuts- 'The Wanton Song' and 'Out On the Tiles.' Ooo, and 'Misty Mountain Hop.'

4. Noel Gallagher- Oasis. Why? As someone who is such a pop culture whore- who has to check themselves when making claim to a particularly clever comment or saying, that I didn't actually crib said particular statement or saying from someone- I truly appreciate someone who wears their influences on their sleeve.

What's so wrong with emulating the Beatles? The Stones? The Jam? The Roses? The Pistols? Uses the Buzzcocks's trick of concealing a sad lyric in a bouncy tune? Nothing, I say. Also, he's quite cute, isn't he?

- essential cuts- 'Whatever'- the strings arrangements are utterly superb, 'Listen Up!,' smooth and haunting guitar part, 'Acquiesce,' "Because we need each other, we believe in one another,
And I know we're going to uncover, what's sleepin' in our soul."

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