Friday, February 09, 2007

You've gotta say what you say

don't let anybody get in your way....

Let's hope this has a more Mad Fer It outcome this time!

A new website is ambitiously trying to set chart history wrongs right, by organising fans to download back catalogue singles simultaneously, in an attempt to push them to the top of the charts.

7digital, the company behind, are taking advantage of new chart rules that mean download sales alone, can now be counted towards chart positions.

A number of classic singles that missed the top spot are being targeted. First up is the loser in the great Britpop battle of 1995, Oasis’ “Roll With It”. The Gallaghers and co were pipped by Blur’s “Country House” that June, but maybe now they’ll be able to grab the coveted No 1 slot.


Kazza said...

I remember that whole Blur-Oasis battle back in 1995 since I was living in Belgium at the time. Roll With It was miles above Country House. Good Lord, I hope that does get rectified because I honestly wondered what the hell was wrong with the world at that point!

Cygirl said...

If they would have released "Acquiesce" as the single, the Brothers from Burnage would have won the battle, as well as the war.

I love the "Country House" video, though. It has Lily Allen's dad (Keith) and Matt Lucas from 'Little Britain' in it!