Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lucky bastards in LA

Look at this setlist. LOOK AT IT!

'Out Of The Sinking'
'Peacock Suit'
'Hung Up'
'Shout To The Top'
'From The Floorboards Up'
'Paper Smile'
'All The Pictures On The Wall'
'Above The Clouds'
'Thick As Thieves'
'Speak Like A Child'
'English Rose'
'Headstart For Happiness'
'My Ever Changing Moods'
'Running On The Spot'
'Porcelain Gods/I Walk On Glided Splinters'
'Roll Along Summer'
'The Butterfly Collector'
'Thinking Of You'
'A Very Deep Sea'
'Here's The Good News'
'Come On/Let's Go'
'The Changingman'
'Whrilpool's End'

'I Wanna Make It Alright'
'Broken Stones'
'Town Called Malice'

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