Thursday, February 08, 2007

Diamond Lil does America

Go, honey! Get down with your bad self!

I totally would have gone to the Chicago concert, but as I'm a floral designer, and we have a little holiday coming up next week, you know, Valentine's Day, it wasn't in the cards.

We've 'Alright, Still' on constant rotation at the flower shop, though. Along with 'The Sound of Girls Aloud,' 'Overloaded' (Sugababes greatest hits), 'The Very Best Of The Stone Roses,' and 'Back To Black' (Amy Winehouse)..... Oh yeah, the Virgin Megastore LOVES me.

Lily Allen's bid to break America is gathering momentum, after her debut album entered the Billboard chart.

"Alright, Still" has charted at Number 20, having shifted 34,000 copies in the first week of release Stateside.

The success of the LP is thought to have been assisted by Lily's appearance on coveted US TV show "Saturday Night Live" last week.


queen bee said...

my cousin, 'brickwoman' -- kazza -- sent me a link to your blog.

now i'm a bit frightened that perhaps you and i were separated at birth~hmmm, let's see...i've just been to see the view and paul weller, and am going to see lily allen tomorrow. and that's just for starters...

love it ~ will keep reading!

Cygirl said...

The View? Lily? WELLER? I am so sickened with jealousy.

queen bee said...

ah, but the view are on tour now nationally...surely they are coming to chi-town?

we've got tix to see them yet again (3d time this year!) in a tiny club in brooklyn...wonder if that classifies as view obsessed.

alright, to see if my separated at birth theory may be true, here's a random ten from my ipod. [i just know some of these will be v. embarrassing. HA!]

1. Absolutely Fabulous, Pet Shop Boys
2. Flathead, The Fratellis
3. With, Keane
4. Glycerine, Bush
5. Beg Steal or Borrow (live), Pete Doherty
6. Break It Down Again, Tears for Fears
7. Dark of the Matinee, Frank Ferdinand
8. Ban the Gin, Victorian English Gentleman's Club
9. Not A Lot to Do, The Zutons
10. Plan A, The Libertines

...and bonus 4,
11. Paint It Black, Rolling Stones
12. Don't Look Back in Anger, Oasis
13. Dreams (live), The Cranberries
14. Creep (Radiohead cover), Damien Rice

Cygirl said...

Unfortunately, my schedule does not work with the View's. Sad.

Oh dear, Queen Bee, I believe that your theory is quickly being proven into scientific law.

I think the Fratellis, Libs, Zutons and Franz are made of awesome, I've seen the Stones 3 times in concert, and I totally plan on marrying Noel Gallagher at some point.

Also- Damien Rice covered Radiohead? The only Radiohead song I like? Cool.

queen bee said...

alright, here's your mini-lily recap from tonight so you'll feel like you were there.

she was cheeky, sassy, doing shots of jaegermeister, smoking on stage, admittedly hung over, burping during songs due to a shepherd's pie she'd eaten before the gig (admitted that, too, with a giggle), sticking her tongue out at mark ronson, has a surprisingly fab voice, did a great acoustic cover set of the kooks and keane (which she's done before -- search online and you can find), covered the specials as part of the encore, closed with 'alfie'...perhaps a bit nervous at first and said little between songs initially, but by the end had the stage banter down pat and was having a great time. fun, fun, fun.

Cygirl said...

Lucky duck. I am soooo jealous. Regarding the Specials cover - which one? And I believe that Lil went to school with at least one of the Kooks.

I first started liking Lily after reading about her at T In the Park- she packed (IIRC) 4 ballgowns, 3 pairs of underwear and 2 pairs of tennis shoes. And ran around with The Scream Team all weekend.

Not surprised about the "fab voice." She sounded great on SNL last weekend.

Thanks for the update!

queen bee said...

the specials - 'blank expression'. it's sold thru itunes as well. and yes, your vast knowledge of NME serves you well, she went to school with luke pritchard of the kooks. gold star to you!

lily. now there's a gal i'd love to hang with for a night.

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