Friday, May 11, 2007

Mother's Day

Though I'm wont to compare the impending holiday to Valentine's Day, there really is no comparison. While not everyone has a sweetheart, nearly everyone has a mother or grandmother, or is a mother or grandmother. So, suffice to say, we are a tad busy at the flower shop.

And we have a wedding and a funeral tomorrow. Richard Curtis's next movie really should be about a florist finding love or similar.

So, we're a bit busy. My mom, being the business owner, is convinced that we are behind sales from years previous, and myself, along with the other designers, are convinced that she is tripping. Like Happy Mondays-level tripping. Ma is getting her Bez on.

As my beloved co-worker Patti says, we're busier than one-armed paper hangers.

To pass the time, and to keep spirits up, so to speak, we started to play "marry, shag or throw off a cliff." (pick three celebrities- you marry one, shag one and throw the other off said cliff). I think this originated in "Bridget Jones."

I would highly recommend this as a way to pass time. Very diverting.

I made Jen pick between Bez, The Reverend Shaun William Ryder and Peter Doherty. She cringed. I laughed my ass off.


Kazza said...

Ewwww that's a tough one! What did she pick?

queen bee said...

i played a version of this with my mother and grandmother last summer while we were all out to dinner. albeit a cleaner version -- marry, throw off a cliff or cook a meal for. i made my republican, irish-catholic, ny yankees-loving grandmother choose between the pope, derek jeter and george bush. if i recall, she threw bush off the cliff without blinking an eye, cooked a meal for the pope and married jeter.

Cygirl said...

She married Shaun, shagged Peter and Bez went off ths cliff. This is funnier than I can possibly explain.

The reasoning? Pete and Shaun have new teeth.

QB- that is AWESOME. "Cook a meal for." Snicker.