Thursday, May 10, 2007

Random Ten

Week of Mother's Day exhausted florist edition-

1. You Dropped a Bomb On Me- The Gap Band
2. Talk Tonight - Oasis
3. Trust a Fox- The Stone Roses
4. Vince the Lovable Stoner- The Fratellis
5. All Fired Up- Pat Benatar
6. Skag Trendy- The View
7. Rock N'Roll High School- The Ramones
8. Shoot the Runner- Kasabian
9. Fallen Angel- Poison
10. What Do I Get? - Buzzcocks

11. I Don't Feel Like Dancing- Scissor Sisters
12. Rock DJ- Robbie Williams
13. Queen Bitch- David Bowie
14. Surrender- Cheap Trick


Kazza said...

This is a great list with all your peeps!

I am overlooking one that is like pink shirt level of laughable.

Cygirl said...

I'm assuming you mean Poison.

Kazza said...

Uh yeah. HA HA HA