Friday, July 06, 2007

Regarding the scrap....

At a warm-up gig for T, my beloved Wee The View lads had a bit of a rough time.

What happened?

-the crowd? Got carried away with the traditional throwing of beer into the air (I've never understood this compulsion. Beer is for drinking!)

-one of their sound men-depending on who's talking- either needed stitches or lost a tooth due to the glasses being thrown

-Wee Kieran jumped off the speakers and punched one of the hecklers. I'm sure he's adorable even when he's fighting

Concerned about my lads, I went to The View's forum, where I was reassured that all was eventually well and the parties involved calmed down quite a bit, even posing for pictures afterwards.

I dearly love lurking in the forum, since the lads are Scots, they have lots of Scottish fans, who not only speak with a brogue,
they WRITE with one, too.

Here's what really happened.The guy that got smacked is ma mate. He's a top guy man. He's got carried away and launched a plastic pint tumbler and it's just happened to hit the bass player, the bass player has obviously no been happy with this and skelped him! It was handbags really and my mate, 27, got bleached aff a wee laddie. Hilarious.

Outside wee Kyle and ma mate had some words but the wee man clearly wasn't wanting any hassle. Ma birds like "leave him alane" feeling aw sorry for the weguy who came to Falkirk to entertain us and ended up in the middle of it aw. I walked him back to his tour bus and he was clearly gutted at what had happened.

Before all that kicked off it was a great night, unbelievable seeing them in such a small venue and being able to talk to them, have a laugh wi them and get pictures taken wi them. That made ma burds nite! But anyway, that's what happened. I hope they're not put off coming back to Falkirk.

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