Sunday, July 01, 2007

This is a low

I blame Kazza.*

She's the one that started me on my current Blur kick, most likely by accident.

Though I think this may be retribution for getting us started on our mutal lusting for Thomas and Sergio....

For the love of God, I'm an Oasis fan! How can I suddenly fall for the many charms of Damon Albarn?

The winking, the mugging for the camera... Oh, God. This is not good when I consider those positives.....

I've resisted for a really long time, and what put me over the edge? The picture of Damon dressed as Debbie Harry in Blondie circa the early '80s.

First of all, I'd kill for those shoes. And the legs.... Dammit, KAZ! You did this on purpose!

You're making me question whether I picked the right team in the battle of Britpop! I mean, Dave was totally acceptable looking and has the right politics, and I love a delightfully dorky Graham and pretty, pretty Alex.....guh.

You couldn't have said that about Guigsy, Bonehead, Tony or Whitey. Or even my beloved Noel pre-2002 (getting his teeth fixed and growing his hair out= very good things. Yay Sarah, well done!)

And they never would have done a video that referenced 'A Clockwork Orange,' because the concept would have taken too long to explain to Our Kid.

Crap, I'm going to have to re-evaluate my whole existence now. I fucking hate that.

*it's also entirely possible that I've finally watched 'Dress To Kill' one too many times.


Kazza said...

What did I do? Post that Blondie photo? HA HA HA HA

I'm so very sorry! Or maybe I'm not because you are amusing me.

I guess that would be just as bad as me falling for Shooter Jennings at this point.

Cygirl said...

You know what you did, girl. And yes, it was that pic. The dress, the shoes.


I'm glad that further self-loathing on my part is funny to you.... ;)

I did not know that III and Shooter were rivals. You learn something new every day, I guess.