Monday, July 02, 2007


While Glastonbury is the grand dame of the U.K. festival scene ( and Queen Bee and I are sooooo going next year), with its cool hippy vibe and mud treatments and all that, my favorite festival (that I've never been to) is T In the Park, taking place this weekend.


Well, like Glasto, it has hordes of drunk and God-Knows what people jumping about, but it has one thing going for it that Somerset cannot provide mass quantities of.

Batshit crazy Scots. Bless 'em.

Speaking of Scots, check out this pic of Wee The View lads from T last year. They've gotten so big! Musically and otherwise. Because they're excellent, and you know, teenagers tend to have growth spurts.

Wee Kieran's hats kill me. And thank God, Wee Pete has gotten his hair under control. Nice jumper, Wee Kyle, and HOLY HELL! Wee Steve has a top on. No way. Didn't know the boy owned any....

pic by Drew Farrell


queen bee said...

squee! let's go there next year as well.

Cygirl said...

Why not? We're already there!

We could observe Wee The View lads and The Fratellis in their natural environment.....

And I have a much better chance of acquiring Brit rock star boyfriend if I was, you know, actually in the U.K.