Friday, January 25, 2008

I love this girl

Adele, the hotly-tipped singer from north LDN, is freaking hilarious. A hell of a singer, and has the proper favorite out of GA. Well done, honey.

Indeed, satirical pop website nailed it when they observed that Adele looked as if she had an 81 per cent ability of winning a pub brawl and a 50 per cent chance of slagging off Girls Aloud. "Oh no, I love Girls Aloud!," she squeals. "Especially that Sarah Harding girl, she's so pretty. And she likes a drink, too. Ha, ha. No, I would never slag them off. I would blatantly win a bar brawl, though. I'm big boned, me. And I drink Stella, so I'm a good beater."

and this is so cute. Awwww.....

"After the show, I planned to walk past Paul McCartney. But he pulled me aside and said, `I really enjoyed you tonight and I'm looking forward to hearing more stuff from you'," she grins. "And I was like, `fnnarsmoorsmackle', tripping over my words. I acted like a right ********! But he was the most starstruck I've ever got. Because he's a Beatle."

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