Thursday, January 24, 2008

Random ten

1. Good To Be Gone- Sugababes
2. Go Let It Out- Oasis
3. The Letter- Al Green
4. Girlfriend In A Coma- The Smiths
5. Cupid- Amy Winehouse
6. Don't Look Back In Anger- Oasis
7. She Comes In The Fall- Inspiral Carpets
8. Feel Good Inc- Editors
9. Standing On My Own Again- Graham Coxon
10. Two More Years- Bloc Party

11. Ampersand- Ampersand
12. Express Yourself- Madonna


Kazza said...

Hmmm... Ampersand. Interesting.

Is that a "side project" of Drew's?

Cygirl said...

It is! As is Elviss....