Friday, January 25, 2008


Their first album was dinner party music, the second dinner party music for swingers,and the third an electro glam stomp-y thing. Why not folk for the fourth?
I love me some Goldfrapp- and not just because we have 'Supernature' and 'Black Cherry' on constant rotation at the shop... And Alison just rules.

"People expected me to be this pop dominatrix all the bloody time, and I got quite uncomfortable with that in the end. If I turned up at an aftershow party without my costume on, for instance, people would gasp at me in horror, and that isn't nice. I mean, we weren't creating a person, we were dramatising the music. But suddenly, without me even wanting it, I became part of this trashy magazine world where everyone's too thin or too fat or too old if they're past 25, where everything's WRONG! RIGHT! WRONG! I mean, I don't go strutting around the house in my bloody horse tail shouting 'How ya doing, London?' at the neighbours, do I?" She shrugs. "Thank God that this time, the emphasis is elsewhere."

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