Wednesday, May 02, 2007


DIRTY PRETTY THINGS, originally uploaded by James Looker.

I am completely incapable of speech. This is Teh Hot. Sweet, sweet Carlito. This is rock and roll wasted youth, my friends. The modern equivalent of Lord Byron. But not posh. God. GOD. Carlos is fine.

Update- This is why I shouldn't look for Flickr pictures of my favorite rock and rollers after a few festive glasses of Chardonnay. Excuse the hyperbole.


queen bee said...

three words:

and i say that with love.

Cygirl said...

Calm down, QB. I still love Thomas the most.

It's just a wonderful picture that I appreciate in a strictly aesthetic sense, much like one would enjoy a painting or similar.

No lusting here, no Ma'am.

I'm totally lying....