Friday, May 04, 2007

Random Ten

And away we go......

1. Beetlebum- Blur
2. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down- The Band
3. Sparky's Dream- Teenage Fanclub
4. Say You'll Be There- Spice Girls*
5. Always On My Mind- Pet Shop Boys
6. Atlantis To Interzone- Klaxons
7. Don't Stop Believing- Journey**
8. Liza Radley- The Jam
9. La belle et la bete- Babyshambles
10. Here It Comes- Doves

11. Every Day I Write the Book- Elvis Costello
12. Push It- Garbage
13. Neptune- Ian Brown
14. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is- Jet

**fucking hell


Kazza said...

*I have that song too.

**You know, I don't have the Journey thing but I know a LOT of people who do. So don't feel bad.

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with Journey ;-)

Syd B

Cygirl said...

Oh, Syd-

There's LOTS wrong with Journey, but there we are.....