Monday, July 30, 2007

Contrary to

some reports, Dontatella Versace will not be designing the stagewear for the Spice Girls's tour. This is yet another example of crap that I should not care about, yet still do. (Though I must disagree with UK Vogue's assesment of the outfits at the presser last month. Both Mels looked FANTASTIC)

REPORTS in today's papers claimed the Spice Girls had found their much-needed fairy style godmother in the shape of Donatella Versace, who was said to be designing £200,000-worth of designer stage outfits for their comeback reunion tour - but a spokesperson for Versace has denied that this is the case. "It's simply not true," he told us. "I have no idea where the rumours have come from." The Nineties supergroup appeared under-styled and sartorially out of tune at the photo call to officially announce their reunion last month and, without the backing of one of the world's most highly-respected fashion houses, they may yet be delving deep into their wardrobes for their trademark platform trainers, leopard-print catsuits and Union Jack minis. (July 30, PM)

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