Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm just going to cry

You couldn't have just laid off the bud a bit, Ian......

HE admits he's barely strummed a guitar in the past year, but who needs rock 'n' roll when you can take the art world by storm instead?

Former Stone Roses legend John Squire unveiled his new artwork this week to critical and commercial acclaim.I hear that just a day after the launch he's already sold more than half of his collection - with pieces ranging from £2,000 up to
£28,000. And John tells me he's enjoying his art so much that he's now shelved-for good - any more music projects. He says: "Music and art are both disciplines that fulfil the same need, that is the need to create. I get the same buzz from creating a successful painting as writing a great song - it comes from the same place.

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