Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The mysteries of fangirldom

The thing about being a fangirl is that you never quite know what is going to set you off on another obsession.

-Comments about
-mentions in idle conversation that certain footie-god guitar players resemble pirates and/or The Prince Of Darkness (no, not Justin Hawkins)
-Dan Abnormal in a dress
-Carlos just being his Timmy-baiting self
-Stanley's hoodies
- realizing that Graham Coxon's glasses=hot, hot sex- well, there's really no pattern....

Yeah, I'm a dork. And so are my friends. So I'm not embarrassed at all to reveal that I actually fell off my desk chair when reading the bit in bold-

Kasabian brought the iTunes festival to an emphatic close in London tonight (July 31st). Playing to just 300 people at London’s ICA on The Mall, in what was one of their most intimate performances in recent years, the band played a set which included hits from both their albums.

After opening with an empowering rendition of ‘Shoot The Runner,’ the bands lead singer Tom Meighan – who took to the stage in his now familiar black spectacles - thanked the crowd for “coming down to the nice little venue” before launching into first album smash, ‘Reason Is Treason.’

Meighan continually praised the crowd throughout the performance which he boasted – in reference to the intimate venue - was “like being in bed with Kasabian.”

JESUS, Thomas! You're trying to kill me and Kaz! Play nice!

I can't explain it, there's something about them, something about ALL the bands that I fangirl, that I really just adore. Glasses and comments about bed just confirm our how noble and pure our love is. Okay, maybe not so pure....


Kazza said...

I would like to note that while I did play a big part in these obsessions that you were the one who kept sending me Kasabian videos when I didn't even like them and got me hooked to the point where I not only hold the title of "Serge's Strumpet" but also "Enabler of Jen's Kasabian Obsession."

Heh heh. Both of which I am truly proud.

Cygirl said...

You should be. Not many people have set me off on two! fangirl binges, and you and QB have done that, inside of 6 months.

Although I do have fears that all the Bees secretly find me really irritating- as a result of the Carlos and Stan, and the Kasabian binges.....

We're like Danny Goffey and Pearl Lowe enabling the other. Only, you know, with less drugs and wife-swapping.


Thomas's Trollop

Kazza said...

They are used to my binging too so it's OK. Right now I've managed to get the house to agree that next year the lake theme night (an annual occurrence) will be Pirate Night.

I, of course, had played this off as a non-obsession until we got on the subject of pirate names and I let slip that I immediately knew of a good quiz site for that sort of thing... Whoops.

Cygirl said...

Good. I try not to be annoying, yet somehow, it still happens..... I wouldn't know why..... ;)

and I think the cat might be out of the bag, there. Who were you again? Molly's Chambers?