Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Flares. In again.

If La Moss is wearing them, then every feature on denim in every fashion/female magazine will be showing flares as the "new, super-flattering trend, guaranteed to improve your sex life, advance your career and ensure super blissful happiness" within 6 months.

So frickin' predictable. This isn't meant to denigrate Kate's* influence whatsoever. However, it doesn't seem like fashion editors try too hard sometimes...

Kate Moss is more or less the leader of fashion trends, especially when it comes to jeans. Love her or hate her, she single-handedly pioneered skinny jeans to the point that we all thought we couldn't live without them.

Now, days before her latest Topshop launch, Ms Moss has been seen sporting flared jeans. Is this possibly a hint of what we might see from her latest collection?

Flared jeans are obviously much easier to wear than skin tight skinny
jeans, especially if (like me) you have hips! The larger flare balances out the shape. These two pairs are available on the high street now for under £30! Flares should be slightly higher waist than you've been used to which makes them more flattering.

*and I'm not just saying this because I bought two pairs of flares recently. Because I saw Katherine wearing them. I'm weak like a kitten.


Kazza said...

Flares? No no! Too hippie!

I love my skinny jeans!

Cygirl said...

You've got another 6 months to wear them before you become terribly uncool. I'm torked. I just got used to skinnies, now I have to switch? Crap.

Kazza said...

I am inevitably uncool. Hey the skinny jean was good enough for the Ramones and it's good enough for me.

Now we don't want to see The Best Trousers On The Planet replaced, do we? Huh? Huh?

No, I didn't think so.

Cygirl said...

Let me state for the record, while I can wear either skinnies or flares comfortably, I am VIOLENTLY opposed to rock boys wearing flares. Unless they're The Roses or the Mondays, circa 1989.

The Best Trousers On The Planet are classic.

Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...