Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Can't. Stop. Giggling.

Klaxons have certainly being celebrating their Nationwide Mercury
Music Prize win last night (September 4) hard - as it spilled onto breakfast TV this morning.

The band were set to appear on BBC News 24 at 8.30am BST, but turned up at the studio still to drunk to appear, leaving NME's New Music Editor Alex Miller to go on air for them - and according to those who saw it he "wasn't much more sober".

Arriving for the broadcast, the news channel were warned by the BBC's reception they were still merry as they arrived.

Picking our man - who spent the night partying with the band - to go on instead, he "dissed" presenter Kate Silverton's hairdo, saying she looked like she had just got out of bed, before explaining that the band were with him but were too drunk to go on TV.

You've done us proud Alex.

However more fun continued in the green room, with the band member Jamie Reynolds yelling "I've got 20 grand in my pocket," and then kept shouting "there I am" every time a clip of the band appeared on the various news channels being shown while almost falling off his crutches.

Expect a full update when we finally get in touch with our man Miller - actually, if anyone sees him can you let us know?

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