Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This involves so many of my favorite musicians

that I could just cry. From the Raving Reporter blog at the NME online-

It was a long time coming but today we saw a whole new personality leap out of the immoral morass they call Babyshambles.

For Drew Babyshambles is the man behind the Love Music Hate Racism CD which will be appearing on the front of the NME in a few weeks' time.

And today I spent an enlightening few hours in the company of Drew, Kele Okereke, Lethal Bizzle, The View, Tom from The Enemy, Carl Barat and several spokespeople from the Love Music Hate Racism charity to discuss the issues thrown up by the fact that we suddenly have a serious responsibility to challenge the BNP.

The BNP, it turns out, have been making 'rock' CDs and handing them out outside schools in the interest of recruiting young kids to their way of thinking.

The BNP CD is full of hideous 'Oi' music and antiquated folk rubbish, everything they think is likely to appeal to the youth of today.

So there are not enough hats to take off to Drew and the other acts on the LMHR CD for realising that the best way to humiliate these idiots is by out-cooling them at their own game by getting the likes of Bloc Party, Dirty Pretty Things and The Enemy to contribute to a far more credible CD in response.

Anyone reading this blog is intelligent enough to know that racism is beyond idiocy, but what we can't forget is that complacency lets in the extremists, so make your voice heard. Like Drew did. An extremely intelligent man doing what he can.

Inevitably, though, after the serious issues were tackled, drunkeness ensued.

After several pints in a pub near the photographic studio, half of the participants ended up in Carl's car to the Cuckoo Club where The Charlatans were playing a secret set for Alan McGee's Death Disco TV show.

The spirits flowed freely, leading to this writer:

* having a heart to heart with Alan about what a bloody great bloke Tony Wilson was even though I personally never met him.

* necking so much scotch I can barely type right now.

* having a see-who-can-hold-their-hand-in-the-freezing-bucket-of-ice-water-for-the-longest contest with Kyle from The View just after he'd played an incredible cover of The Beatles' 'I've Just Seen A Face' and just before he started leaping around on his chair screaming for The Charlatans to play 'Love Is The Key'.

We may have set the world to rights but my own personal world went oh so wrong...


Anonymous said...

hahaha that is soooo typical kyle! he's bloody crazy! And he does do an amazing version of 'i've just seen a face'.

Cygirl said...

I just wish I could understand a thing that comes out of the boy's mouth.....

Anonymous said...

yeah i even have trouble understanding him when talking to him face to face! and i'm from dundee too!

Cygirl said...


I hope the lads can get their visa issues resolved, and tour over here soon!