Monday, September 10, 2007

I love this man

May I point out this is 2000 and fucking 7? Good LORD. Good for you, Mos Def. This is complete bullshit. (And I wouldn't consider a noose a "racial slur," but more an out-and-out threat)

Mos Def has written an open letter seeking support for six black students who face serious charges resulting from an attack on a white schoolmate in Louisiana. Def is asking "African-Americans of influence, and all concerned parties" to join him the "fight against racial inequality and show solidarity for these young people, who are being treated very harshly by the law".

The 'Jena Six' were arrested after beating up a white fellow high-school student after the student reportedly taunted them with racial slurs. They were originally charged with attempted second-degree murder but following protests from civil rights advocates, some of the charges were reduced.

Charges against Carwin Jones, Mychael Bell and Theo Shaw were reduced to aggravated second-degree battery and conspiracy. Bell has already had his trial, was found guilty, and will be sentenced on September 20, the day
Mos Def will attend the rally. Robert Bailey Jr. and Bryant Purvis are still facing attempted murder charges, while the sixth student, an unidentified juvenile, faces undisclosed juvenile charges.

The beating happened after a black student sat under a particular tree in the school grounds in Jena, Louisiana, where white students traditionally sit. After the student sat there, three nooses were hung from the tree and the students accused of hanging the nooses were suspended from school.

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