Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sometimes my digital subscription just doesn't cut the mustard

Tomorrow's NME? Has Babyshambles new single on vinyl with it, a week before the actual release date of 'Delivery.'

Not available for those with digital subscriptions.....

Argh! To the eBay!

Hello Drew! *pets the pretty bassist*


Kazza said...


And half the time the stores here are missing the CDs that are attached.

Cygirl said...

Quality rips will start showing up online soon, but I want the actual hard copy. I'm just gonna have to get to somewhere I can purchase physical issues, soon.

And dear God, after reading the interview with Drew, Mik and Adam? Let's just put it this way, my crush on Drew is not going away anytime soon. He's not only pretty, but he's a smarty, too.