Monday, September 08, 2008


Kaiser Chiefs, Snow Patrol and Adele will play gigs in their living rooms later this month as part of the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Tour.

Razorlight will also take part in the tour, playing from their rehearsal room, while Girls Aloud are set to perform in BBC Radio 1 DJ Jo
Whiley's house.

The gigs, which will see the bands perform stripped-down versions of their songs along with covers, were announced on Whiley's radio show this morning.

For the record, Adele is welcome in my living room any time, being made of awesome and all. Seriously, she just seems like a fun person- girlfriend gives HILARIOUS interviews.

Also, I hope Jo's living room is spacious, because Nadine needs room to toss her hair around and for Miz Harding and Kimba to holler "PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!" Okay, Sarah and Kim don't need room to do that, but still. They're sooooo going to say that. They ALWAYS say that.

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